Month: januari 2018

19 Feb - Lab Talk Blockchain

Update 28 Feb:

The Lab Talk about Blockchain was a great success! We managed to cover a wide range of topics related to Blockchain, from a high level introduction to distributed ledger technology to a more in-depth explanation of Blockchain and the cryptography that makes it possible. There was a lot of room for discussion about various topics related to Blockchain, and the space was well used. The speakers answered numerous questions from the attendees and after the talks the conversations carried on for quite some time (whilst enjoy a slice of pizza and a beer/soda).

We would like to thank everyone that was their for their active participation. And of course a special thank you to speakers Marnix Driesse, Jeroen Bronkhorst and Menno Wielhouwer. We enjoyed having you all there and hope to see you on the next Lab Talk!


Last year a small team started mapping the possibilities of blockchain technology for KAS BANK. Besides meeting a lot of industry players, they have spoken with many internal departments and noticed huge interest in the topic. Therefore we organize a Lab Talk on Blockchain with multiple (guest) speakers.


Lab Talk Blockchain - About the possibilities of blockchain tech for KAS BANK


KAS BANK Innovation lab (2nd floor)


19 February 16:30 - 18:00hrs


Everyone is invited (if you're not from KAS BANK please drop en email at