About Voteroom

VoteRoom – in our lean startup process we always look at customer problems to solve. We have also started the VoteRoom initiative, which removes the problem of voting at shareholders’ meetings. In a pilot at KAS BANK’s AGM in April 2018, the solution was partially tested and found to be successful. But other conclusions emerged from the pilot. The problem of voting for AGM’s is mainly in the process behind the scenes. This means that the triangle of problem-solution-user has to be filled in differently. Where we first thought to make a solution for issuers, it appears that they only experience limited problems. Intermediary parties are the biggest obstacle, but also benefit from their own survival.

The VoteRoom initiative is still too revolutionary but will certainly be used in the future as a solution to allow shareholders to simply exercise their rights again. Sometimes you think of improvements that not everyone is ready for.


Voteroom presented their proxy voting solution, during the KAS BANK’s General Shareholders Meeting on April 25th. They worked together with Atos for the prototype; enabling shareholders to execute their right to vote whilst significantly improving reporting transparency.

Interested parties and stakeholders were able to walk through the demo, cast their votes as wel as attend an informative presentation held by the data team & Atos.

They have received great enthusiasm from the organisation, but also externally from the press.

After Movie – Pilot


We want to connect with the Blockchain ecosystem in the Netherlands. So please let us know if we can work together on projects.

The Voteroom team