About Vote room

Currently the team is developing a first prototype for a proxy voting service based on the revolutionairy blockchain technology. Utilizing the advantages of a blockchain makes voting on shareholder meetings safer, faster and more transparant.

The Vote room team also detected three other possible applications for further exploration: record keeping, fund services, and P2P money transfers.

Update Design Sprint

On Monday, January 22, our Design Sprint (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Design_sprint) week started. And we have learned a lot. First of all, the customer view has been tightened up. Not only do we know exactly who we have, but also what problems this person has experienced and what consequences this has. As far as the solution is concerned, big steps have also been taken. We have already been able to translate this into a prototype – which we carried out on Friday to a few customers. The feedback was super motivating and valuable.
All in all a very nice and useful week. On to the next sprint!


We want to connect with the Blockchain ecosystem in the Netherlands. So please let us know if we can work together on projects.

The Vote room team