KASPER – the first initiative of the KAS Lab was about the customer problem to invest more in ESG factors, to offer more transparency and to passively invest more cheaply. We have analyzed this problem and have come up with a solution that is now known as Index Storage. With the capital of the client, financial instruments can be purchased directly to create an index, as it were.
As a pilot we have followed the MSCI Europe and with a maximum deviation of 1.2 bps; our solution is particularly attractive. With this good result, there is also the time to scale up the product and bring it into the bank. For this, all statutory audits were carried out and the risk aspects were examined. As a result, we can proudly say that this product has been successfully exported from the Lab, and is now marketed as a real product.

For a recent Q&A, please read this (Dutch) blog


We are talking with potential customers and are always looking for more. So please let us know if you want to help us on our journey!

The KASPER team